Amanti has one guiding principle:
Everything matters

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Our partnership and investment models mean  we are fundamentally committed to the success of every Brand Tourism™ Experience.


As such, we have developed a range of methodologies to ensure we deliver, and demand, nothing less than excellence.

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Brand guardianship

We are experts in brand management and delivery, and have experience of working with some of the most iconic brands in the world. We will ensure absolute compliance to brand guidelines, and create and operate the Experience in a way that only enhances and elevates your story. In short: we will treat your brand like treasure.


The Spirit of Hosting

Our commitment to hosting visitors in a meaningful and genuine way is at the heart
of Brand Tourism™.

We define this as The Spirit of Hosting, and it’s the guiding force behind our extensive staff recruitment and training programme.

It’s about creating deep bonds with visitors, by delivering unique Experiences that are  genuinely enriching – building knowledge,

Touching emotions and sparking imaginations to enhance understanding. The end result is deeper engagement, better advocacy, and ultimately, increased revenues and EBIT.

Design Framework

Our unique Experience Design Framework  addresses every touchpoint, from pre-arrival  to reconnection, and every moment within
the Experience.

Emphasising interaction, immersion and emotional response, it’s been developed by our expert design team to deliver impactful, engaging experiences that visitors want to share.


Rolling monthly reviews

We have established monthly reporting processes that are robust, outcome-focused and designed to minimise bureaucracy. Meeting procedures are structured and managed to record and achieve defined outcomes and reporting consistency. We use Dashboard Reporting – numerical, graphic formats and defined narrative parameters.

Monthly reports cover the following topics:
1.Variance to Experience KPIs and any significant  issues requiring action relative to:
-Pax Season Worm
-Price Performance
-Pax by region (Excl NZ.)
-Experience to Retail Conversion

-Experience Market Share
-Customer Feedback
-Customer Experience
-Retail Spend per Pax
-Food & Beverage Spend per Pax
2.Market Intelligence update
3.Site Productivity and significant NDR items
4.Spirit of Hosting Staff Performance
5.Health & Safety
6.Risk & Compliance Update
7.Red Flag issues
8.Any other significant matters

Weekly site meetings, Management Reviews and ‘Second Half’ meetings supplement these reviews, to ensure trading and performance are managed in an agile, timely fashion


90-Day Refresh

We continuously validate, measure and monitor to ensure business effectiveness and visitor  satisfaction.

Our 90-day review process, based on visitor feedback and analysis, ensures best use of all resources and space. It’s about continuous improvement and ongoing attention to detail.

Refresh methodology

Based on industry and visitor feedback, and observation by Experience staff, we constantly assess the need for product refinement, change or improvement. The process can also involve  qualitative and quantitative market research, as and when necessary.

Our 90-Day Refresh methodology is a dedicated process to ensure:

  • The Experience evolves and improves in line with industry and visitor expectations.
  • Each activity and interaction – covering  pre-arrival, arrival, the Experience, process, displays, exhibits and visitor engagement, retail, food and beverage, farewell, and reconnection – is monitored and evaluated.

The purpose is to determine the opportunities for Experience product enhancement for the enjoyment and value for visitors and ensure the most cost effective and best use of all facilities and space.

Retaining support and interest from tourism  industry, product promoters, sellers, staff and  visitors is vital for ongoing Experience success.